Meet The Team


Coach Michelle

I’ve had a passion for fitness as long as I can remember.  I feel energized, recharged and strong anytime I can get a good workout in.  I love functional fitness, yoga and the occasional run.  I find joy in helping others discover that they are strong and capable no matter where they are in their fitness journey. I am an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified fitness instructor, a  USAW certified Level 1 Weightlifting coach, and I hold a fitness nutrition certification through ACE as well.  My other passions include spending quality time with my family, baking, music and sculpting in clay.

Coach Holly

My fitness journey started early on with swimming and weightlifting, but in 2012 I began to focus my energy on functional fitness training, Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics. Recently, I have been focusing most of my time on strength building, powerlifting, and stabilizing movements, and completing my USAW L1 certification. I absolutely love to encourage and help others toward their own goals and toward newfound mental and physical strength. After obtaining my CF-L1 certification, I began coaching functional fitness and Olympic weightlifting classes in 2016. I love to continually learn about how our bodies move, function, and adapt in the realm of physical fitness. My other interests include being a drummer, studying for Physicians Assistant school, caring for patients at the Waverly healthcare center, and riding my motorcycle!

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Coach Drew

I've had a love for athletics and fitness my whole life. I started CrossFit 3 1/2 years ago, and immediately had a passion for the competitiveness and community that comes with it. I am a certified Master Fitness Trainer in the United States Army. When I am not coaching or training, I work full-time for the Army National Guard, and I take pride in being the best dog dad to my 2 pups!

Coach Chelsea

Starting at a young age, I've loved everything that had competition. I ran track in college and have a bachelors in exercise science, but I did not fully appreciate my personal fitness journey until I found lifting. The first year of my fitness journey was intensely personal. After 2 years of personally growing in my strength both mentally and physically I found CrossFit. This is where my passion grew immensely. It incorporated the competition that I love, as well as the personal goals with a community all striving to be better. At Ironbourne Fitness I found my passion of coaching. I now am inspired and empowered through coaching and seeing others encompass the same desire on improving themselves. I aspire to be the coach that will constantly motivate and encourage you while also teaching correct form and movements. I strive to make you feel comfortable in the gym environment, but uncomfortable during the workouts.


Coach Alex

Health and fitness has been an addiction/passion of mine for over ten years. My journey started in high school, and has continued through college. I discovered CrossFit in early 2019 where I was immediately obsessed with the supportive community and competitive nature of the sport.

As a USAW L1 certified coach, my goal is to create a positive and motivating environment where we build on your strengths and challenge your areas of opportunity.

Beyond the gym I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, hunting, and playing rec league sports.


Over 4800 sq ft facility located in the lower level of the Indoor Training Facility at the LSF Sports Complex